Born 1982 in Hiroshima, Japan, Fumihiro Ueoka is a painter, decorator, and musician. Specializing in classical Japanese painting techniques Fumi graduated from Nara Fine Art University in Japan.
Fumi has been awarded many prestigious awards such as the Prize of the Ehime in 2011, Japan Prize of the National Cultural Festival in ( a year), and his“Japan 82 years” painting was selected for an exhibition in Niigata.
Fumi’s art and spirit come alive when he can express his art in real life and real time. In these live art experiences Fumi has teamed up with some famous Hip Hop artists such as Tha Blu Herb (Hokkaido), Shing02 (L.A), Kaito aka HIROSHI WATANABE ( Tokyo) and recently with DJ Charlie Apple and DJ Zaki ( Matsuyama).
Fumi has had international recognition at his exhibitions in Melbourne, Australia and in Japan.
He has shared his love of art with children while teaching at the Japanese academy in Melbourne, in 2008.

His art has been commissioned for public and private areas around the world.
Now Fumi is able to share his art internationally, with studios both in Belgium and Japan.