FUMIHIRO UEOKA was born in Hiroshima in 1982.

I remember that a story when i was teenage.i was always imaginating about the universe, because nobody knows the secret of universe, so that fact gives me free imagination, because there’s no wrong. So sometimes i was imagining like that the universe is inside of an animal, Planets are cells… yeah………..Mostly When i bike on the way to back home in the darkness.

One day, i went to a old rotten rental video store to rent porno, but the store was going to close down next day. So they were selling all products and store was almost nothing, and all left over porno were really shitty, then i was looking around another film. and i found a film with nice old jacket image, “POWERS OF TEN © 1977 EAMES OFFICE LLC ” yes, it is Eames film. And i bought that VHS by ¥100 (1Euro) instead of porno, that was good choice for my life work imagination. because it shocked me and surprise teenager imagination because that was kind of familiar to what i was imagining. And film is much more clear, sure and simple than mine. It gave me so much information for new imagination until now. 

And now imagination branches are spreading every where from that time. This film is my pure base. 
 Humans, Times, and Powers of ten. Those things attract me since I was 15 years old. Where does human come from? what is the time? where are we standing now? etc… 

The fact is that humans have no answers for those questions until now.

Those wonders lead us to a fascination, an free our imagination.

 I express those attractions by drawing and piling humans who live in different time on the same canvas, it adds new dimensions of time. 

The intersections of the piled layers are filled by cells, chromosomes, stars, planets, galaxy, and universes, without ending…

That’s the my Powers of ten and my playground.


Languages: Japanese, English

Born the 10th of April 1982 in Hiroshima, Japan



acrylic painting, water color, charcoal, soft lead pencil etc…



  • Japanese traditional painting  in the “Nara College of Art”  in Kashihara, Nara, Japan

Classe of Mr Nakao. Graduated in  2002

  • artistic secondary school at the “Tobe bunko” in Tobe, Ehime. Graduated in 2000
  • Several advanced training courses in drawing



  • Selected as favorite artist of the “Parcours d’artistes” in Saint-Gilles, 2014 edition
  • Selection of the work  entitled “ 82 years” for the permanent collection of the Sado Museum in Japan in 2006
  • Award-winning of the “National Culture Festival” in Fukui, Japan in 2005
  • Award-winning of the competition of the Art Schoole of Ehime , Japan in 1999


Diffusion of works

  • Catalogue of the artistic course of Saint gilles, 2014
  • Article & publication in  “The Word” magazine of the  23rd of August 2013
  • 4 radio phonics reviews on JOEU FM, Ehime, Japan



  • to come in May 2015:  Collective Exhibition in “ Brass”, Brussels
  • Exhibition in the Artists course in Saint-Gilles/ Forest at the “Morphosis Space” in May 2014
  • Private & Solo Exhibition in “UWAYA”, Ehime, Japan, 2012
  • Solo Exhibition at the “WORK SHOP” in Melbourne, Australia, 2007
  • Exhibition at the  Japanese Embassy in Melbourne, Australia, 2007
  • Solo Exhibition in “e55”, Melbourne, Australia, 2006
  • Collective Exhibition at the Ushibuchi Museum, Ehime, Japan, 2004
  • Ehime Fine Art Contest , Japon, 1999 and 1998



  • The work “ 82 years” is a part of the permanent collection of the Sado Museum in Niigata, Japan
  • Private Collectors.


Professional Experience

  • Wall painting for the opening of the Brittish shop in Osaka on April 2014
  • Performances and live paintings

At the  “Pop Up Gallery” King’s Gallery, Brussels,  2013

At the “ Egg” in Brussels in 2013

At the “ Asaito Festival” 2010 et 2011 editions

  • Orders of many Wall paintings  for private people
  • Interior design creation for private people and for restaurants and bars in Japan
  • Painting teacher at the Japanese Art School in Melbourne, 2007