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This time FUMIHIRO will do live painting show the whole night at ANTITAPAS !!!

It will be crazy night with amazing music, ART and food!!!!!


See you there!!!

All info here

The Egg Brussels
Bara street 175、1070


★★★ Antitapas Night ★★★
Rise your Soul and Blow your spirit up!
We’re open again!!!

The award best evening experience meets the award new event place in Brussels.
It’s coming a new powerful season of creation, interaction, imagination, innovation, development & happines!
All this in collaboration with The Egg – Communication nest!

●▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩ ☀ ۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬●

From 21h
FreeFood, Ateliers, Music & Performances
Special Dish: Tagliatelle with Savigno’s Truffle

●▬▬▬▬ LIVE CONCERTS & DJS ▬▬▬▬●
♫ OPMOC (Be) ♫
Electrifying Skunky Breaking Cocktail Grouve

Passionate Groovy Jazzy Funky Soul Vibes

♫ TÉLAMURÉ (It-Fr) ♫
Folk Tarantella Roots

Thrilling folk-soaked masala instrumental Live Djset

Roots Black music, jump blues, swing jazz & rhythm-blues Vinyls

Eclectic Refined Musette Retro’ Vinyls

Coming soon more bands…

●▬▬▬▬▬ ATELIERS ▬▬▬▬▬●
✦ SALUS PER LIBIDO ↬ Total Make Over Corner ✦
✦ FUMIHIRO UEOKA ↬ Live Japanese Painting & Decoration Show ✦
✦ FAJNAHANNA ↬ Donkey Drawing Contest with T-shirt printing ✦
✦ LE RISTO’ RITAL ↬ Homemade Romantic Serenata Dinner ✦
✦ ESPACE CYCLONUDISTA ↬ Creative Cyclo Promoting ✦
✦ THE MAGIC HANDS OF YURIA B. ↬ Illustrations & colors ✦
✦ ALICE IN THE WONDERFUL MASSAGES ↬ 5 Senses massage for brain & body ✦
✦ UN ALTRO COLORE MARMELADES ↬ Live Preparation Homemade Jams ✦

Coming soon more ateliers…

@ The Egg Brussels – Rue Bara 175 – BXL
Metro Gare du Midi – Nearby to the Bus for Charleroi Airport
Here the map ↬ http://goo.gl/maps/CHAnx

PAF 4€ > After 22h30 > PAF 8€
Free Food included till 23h30
Quick Entry with presale ticket!!!
Presale Online here -> http://bit.ly/SoulRise
or onsite @ PiolaLibri.be

Free & easy access for people with reduced mobility!
-> Inside Cycles Parking, Free Toilet & Special Night Bus <- ✏ Promo video here -> http://youtu.be/1Ha9mKeDtx8

If you hold “El derecho de ser felices”!
Don’t miss it!
W la vida – W l’ amor – W la musica

Antitapas Night in collaboration with The Egg – Communication Nest.
More info: http://www.antitapas.org/

Special thanks to our main supporters:

Bonnefooi, Piola Libri & Beit, Le Bal Rital, Macelleria Succi, Pizzeria un Posto al Sole, Radiopapino, Domisobo, El Palacio Itinerante, Antonio & Friends, Mohamed du Marché and the University of the Development of the Smastro


✏ OPMOC (Be) ♫
It is not just a band, it’s a team of 6 great friends musicians based in Brussels. Featuring saxophones, trumpet, bass, drums and keyboard, their music is an electrifying cocktail, breaking boundaries with an eclectic mix of funk, reggae, punk, hip-hop and salsa, a bit of everything in short! There is no point in trying to pinpoint all the musical influences at work, suffice to say that this musical blend sounds fresh, original and entirely organic.
Web -> http://opmoc.com/ ≡ Video -> http://youtu.be/wD8qiSr6_a4

M.A.F. for Music, Art & Funk. Project initiated in Brussels by the composer and guitarist Arthur Maes with guitar, sax, trombone, bass and drums. The quintet has recently been joined by the soft and sweet voice of Soul T: well-known in the Soul scene in Brussels, a down to earth singer, passionate songwriter, melodies lover dreamer and drumer when he on them! He went from choir boy to sweet soul deliverer keeping gospel’s sensibility.
Don’t miss this passionate Jazzy Funky Groove of this band.
Web -> http://soultmusiq.tumblr.com/ & https://myspace.com/maforquesta
Video -> http://youtu.be/XzOLdwArUdI & http://youtu.be/zHrWKYn3xNc

✏ TÉLAMURÉ (It-Fr) ♫
Musicians of Southern Italy , three specialists who bring in their tarantella shows, the spontaneity and vivacity of popular festivals of their land.
After the life & artistic experiences in Italy now they are based in Paris. Their traditional repertoire is naturally enriched by the creativity and various experiences of the musicians, and by their different personalities and instruments. The ability to improvise on stage, to adapt to different artistic requirements that may be required ( acoustic situation wanderings , small and large scenes amplified presence of dancers or less ) allows them to offer an original show , composed a wide selection of festive songs and serenades , singing a cappella and dance music.
Web -> http://www.telamure.com/ // Video -> http://youtu.be/Visee_NHZl8

It is a party/soundsystem/live-act form of Polish elektro-ethno-ragga-rap-punk’n’bass-step collective MASALA SOUNDSYSTEM, orchestrated by Masala’s frontman Duże Pe. It combines folk-influenced party tracks from around the world, adds live MC’ing and live instruments by musicians of Masala Soundsystem and friends, VJ’ing, oriental dancers and more!
Generally speaking – it kicks ass and sets the dancefloors on fire.
Video -> http://youtu.be/ySsbtttRrFM

He switched the warm grooves of funk, soul and jazz for hot latin and afro rhythms after his exotic trips on the search of that perfect record. Founder of the Tropical and Twist parties, resident at Strictly Niceness, radiohost on FM Brussel every sunday and responsible for the tropical selection on the 22tracks website (Brussels), Funky Bompa experiments his finds in original version or personal edits, vinyl only. He distributes his own edits, on 45 only, through his own imprint Bompa Discos.
Dedicated to all things funky, soulful and tropical. Especially vinyl records from the 50s to this day. Active as a radio/party DJ since 2000.
Web -> http://www.funkybompa.com/

The European renowned Italian dj selector: Coqo’, opens her own bag of disks in order to create new worlds with dusty vinyls.
Eclectic, refined and with a dressy taste, in years of experience she developed such a versatility that let her to the stage of hip hop jams as well as private events and crazy parties.
Feminine, sensual and knowledgeable, she loves to amaze the audience – and herself – telling every time a different story, with the complicity of the public that never declines.
Keep an eye on her portable record player, that’s where all the magic begins!
Web -> https://www.facebook.com/coqodjette

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