A painter + two drummers + an actor improvisation live

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I’m excited to introduce this event in 16th February 2019 20:00,
A painter Fumi Ueoka from Japan, two drummers Leo Flank from France and Tobias from Belgium, and an actor Guillaume-Harry Françoise from France, we going to have first improvisation live together!

Léo Flank is a french drummer and percussive artist. Self taught for the most part, his work takes its roots into rock and funk music while extracting the energy of those to apply it to all kind of purposes. He is nowadays drummer for different projects as Folsom or Sinner G’s, but he also participated in the creation of modern opera around “La Conférence des o
Oiseaux” of Jean Claude Carrière, and is working with theater companies such as “La Compagnie IA” to compose and interpret the music of plays.

Tobias Le Compte is a Brussels born multi-instrumentalist playing drums/percussion, guitar, bass & keyboards.

He majored classical percussion studies in Belgium & China between 2000-2009.

Worked with several tv-shows/artists through-out Asia & Europe (such as The Voice Of China, Harlem Yu, Boogie Boy, James & Black, etc.)

Toured countries such as: China, Japan, South-Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Macao, Germany, France, Netherlands, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, etc.

Previously & currently endorsed by brands such as Roland, Caferider, Ming Drums, etc.

Honorary professor of Roland Musical Education in China.

Guillaume-Harry Françoise is a Clown and a theater and movie director. He’s work is mainly dedicated to immersive art. In France where he is based, he is doing research at Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris (Paris Hight social sciences studies school) where he is studying narrative structures and also at Nice-Antipolis University where he is leading a research project about 360 degrees VR movie laboratory. After using dance, physical theater, and clown technique, he has build a pedagogy about continuous acting useful for immersive acting on stage or with camera. He has created several plays and movies for children and adult and also adapted written poetry for stage performance. Very influence by the metaphorical world of fairy tales,he rewrote and staged « Silence the little matched girl » « Feo the ugly duckling », « Beauty and Beast 4.0 », and recently « No wowowoworry, the life of a Pinocchio » presented in Wuzhen theater Festival. His work also include a poetry performance from Victor Hugo « the Legend of ages » and classical theater play like « Andromaque » from Jean Racine. International artist invited in Ukraine, China, Thailand, Italy, USA, and Belgium, his concern is always to creat cultural bridges and art world connections.