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今年の総まとめ! 初めての演劇ライブペイント参加 in パリ ブリュッセルで開催された日本人アーティストのエキシビジョン参加、参加アーティストの5人、Stone63、Daish Matsumoto, HAMADARAKA, ...

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Bonjour, the EXPO will begin from 21 MAY to 28 JUNE!!! Check the here to see more detail. https://www.facebook.com/events/1619354574967856/  i want to say something special…but nothing special… i just want you to come and have look my new works! I will expose some of DRAWINGS from this drawing project also! I remember that a ...

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This time I got prize from Pacours d’artistes then I will have exhibition in Brussels May 2015. I will put more info. Please follow the newest info here www.fumihiroueoka.com Thanks a lot. 今回 ベルギーの Paucours d’artistes と言うアートフェスティバルで、賞を頂き、引き続きartiste coup de coeur で2015 ...

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▷EXHIBITION -parcours d’artistes-

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Is finished. Thanks for coming!!! And I am working to have an exhibition in this autumn. Follow my website to get info. Or send me a message from contact to get News letter. contact – type news letter – send Thanks a lot!

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